RJR Talent has its origins back in 2005, and over the subsequent years we've continued to learn how technology has driven behaviours and changed how we interact as individuals and re-align our businesses for an increasingly digitally dependant landscape.

Our in house skills and those of our associated businesses are all focused on how to leverage technology for commercial outcomes

Since our original launch trading as XECsearch a boutique generalist search firm, RJR Talent has evolved, focusing increasingly on supplying leadership for technology companies and exceptional technology professionals for innovative businesses that have leveraged digital platforms to accelerate their ability to achieve real world commercial outcomes.  Then 2015 saw us re-brand as Robert James Raitt and Associates and a move to more of a consulting model as the increasing demand for digital and development talent leadership meant we needed to broaden our skills. Through a fun and collaborative journey with our customers and broader ecosystem we have developed the resources and network to provide additional services to search, including; IR 35 compliant interim and contract professionals, provision of teams 'as a Service', access to cost effective resources for solving specific point solutions and access to our associated business's near shore development and test capability.

RJR Talent building blocksNow at a point where we work in partnership with client and individuals to collaboratively provide the building blocks for digital tech. 2020, despite the challenges of the global pandemic, has seen us grow and shift focus on providing technology insight, skills and advice from Director to Developer as the demands from our clients and individuals in our network.

RJR Talent with it's collegiate approach provides a complete support and advice service to any business needing to accelerate their capability to build digital IP, create product, innovate, migrate to Cloud services and build high performing technology teams.

To learn more and find out how we can help you build the right resources and leverage technology at pace to achieve real commercial gain, get in touch.

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