In the rapidly evolving digital economy where skills are in high demand and low supply, our own team and our core trusted group of interim and contract professionals have experience working collaboratively and remotely to accelerate commercial outcomes for all types of technology businesses and IT Departments.

Technology Talent at all Levels

Harnessing our unique network, trusted associates and broader ecosystem our team are able to engage with talent who aren't necessarily active. We also have a ready made pool of talent, currently with over 400 individuals in the UK and nearshore. An exceptional group of technology experts, from CTO to developer – all ready to help, whatever scale the challenge might be.

To help our clients, whether a specific pain point or resource for a longer term business change or development programme, we deliver a range of solutions:

CIO/CTO Advisory
Our professional CIO/CTOs are available on an Interim basis, full or part time, to give advisory support to CEOs, board rooms, Investors, third party consultancies and your in-house CIO/CTO with strategic insight, technical evaluation, coaching and mentoring and high level programme leadership.

Executive Search
Building new teams, effective in our ever changing technology driven business landscape requires great leadership, new insights, experience, innovation and the ability to drive decisions in the board room. We have over 25 years’ experience in shaping leadership in the technology sector and digitally dependant organisations in commerce and industry.

Interim Management
Speak to us about specialist leadership and principle technical skills, out community of senior Interim talent will have the knowledge and expertise to ease critical pain points, drive business turnaround at pace, build new product and data platforms and leverage BI. We also have leading Programme Directors with great people skills to drive transformation within technology.

Over time we have built an exploratory network of business leaders and technology specialists, many of which are now engaged in portfolio careers and available in both an advisory capacity or able to join your business on a Non-exec basis.

Principle Technical Consultants
We have a breadth of skills to solve technical problems and provide technical leadership, not limited to, but particularly pertinent at present is our ability to provide specialist skills in areas such as:

  • Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure and Security
  • Solutions Architecture
  • BI utilisation, training and development
  • GDPR and ISO27001, audit and implementation
  • Agile Coaching & DevOps Optimisation
  • Cloud Backup, Storage Optimisation and DR planning (and cost modelling)

Contract IT Staff
With over 800 IT Contract staff known to us and referenceable in the UK from IT Director to Developer we can help you deliver projects quickly in a broad range of technologies from MS Azure, AWS to open source and PHP environments. Plus we have access to over 400 Development and Test SW Engineers in Eastern Europe, providing a quick, easy to access, scalable low cost remote resource pool to augment your own teams capabilities.